About us

Varni Home Education is Ahmedabad based start-up providing tutoring services globally to various school graders, University graduates, and Postgraduate students. Varni Home Education is a platform where we turn amateurs into professionals and develop young minds covering all perspectives. Since its commencement, we have contributed to the progress of our 100 students in their journey towards success. Our integrity lies in providing, a wide range of courses, providing an elevating setting that promotes value-based education, crafting different teaching approaches for every individual child to channelize their efforts towards satisfactory grades, and promoting extra-curricular skills.


“Our vision is to make our students Jack of all trades and yet master of One.”

We are looking to forward to cover the 360-degree development of your child; development from all angles, which not only includes studies and career prospect but also covers personality development and special skills required to catch the faster pace of development in today’s generation.


We want to uplift the educational standards of society by imparting the best education, change the face of traditional learning methods and alter the ideology of the only school being the best choice. Our mission is to create a significant position in the educational industry by providing the unsurpassed level of learning and it is our constant endeavor to improve the quality of service and to value safeguard the trust of our clientele to keep on delivering the highest quality of knowledge while setting benchmarks of standard in the edifying field.

One of the most impactful moments for students is when they understand that a caregiver or teacher believes in his/her ability to learn. This boost of confidence activates the already-present learning mechanisms available in the brain and helps propel them forward to discover new things in the world and Varni Home Education will bring these moments to your children every day.

To be assured about the quality of knowledge we provide, not only we have hired award winning faculties but also our team is led by prominent intellectuals like Mr. Umesh Joshi (Math and Science), Mr. Hardik Shah (English), Mrs.Sangita Patel (Social Science),Mrs. Ronali Patel (English and Personal Development), Mr. K.C Shah- Educator’s Instructor (Children Growth), Mr. Bipin Khandvi (Competitive exams- Class 1 and 2).