Why Us?

Availing our services will not only upsurge your child’s attention span but will also fulfil the child’s need to feel a sense of confidence and increase their level of independence and control. A comfortable environment plays a crucial component in increasing the intellectual capacity of the child. A comfortable place to study and being taught by a personal teacher minimizes emotional disturbances and other negative situations that can impair the educational process.

The grasping capacity of every adult or child differs and therefore, some students may need one-to-one attention to perform their level best, and here comes the bigger picture of home tuitions. Here are a few considerable reasons why you can trust us with placing your child’s education and skills in our hands?

Why Varni Home Education for Your Kids?

  • Your child can take tuitions at their convenient time
  • We give you opportunities for pre-learning and can start from basics if need be
  • Parents can get detailed and accurate productive feedback
  • Get personalized attention and increases their attention span
  • Scope for improvement in student’s grades
  • Positive environment, we will keep your child motivated
  • Lesser distractions
  • We provide nothing less than ‘best’ when it comes to faculties and instructors
  • Parents can be involved at every and any stage to know more about their child’s progress.
  • We believe in making learning enjoyable and not draining.
  • Your child and pre learn concepts and walk a step ahead in his school.
  • We can oversee their routine and make necessary changes and can take follow up on their study time table.
  • We provide the best education and learning regardless the age and I.Q of our students.
  • We can focus specially on weaker areas of their studies by identifying them and take necessary steps suitable to them.
  • Customized study plan and regular tests
  • We take a special report of your child’s learning sessions from your teachers on regular basis and guide our teachers accordingly.
  • We provide parents teacher meeting right at your home.
  • We provide free Seminars for our parents and teachers by special guests once in a while.